Friday, June 20, 2008

Birthday Drama

Turning 31 is not a significant event. It doesn't warrant parties, celebrations or applause. So when my birthday rolled around this year, it was business as usual. Tiffany had arranged to take me to dinner with some friends that night which I really enjoyed.

Since it was no big deal I didn't tell any of my students. Well, at lunch that day, I had my usual group of kids in my classroom eating and gossiping, when a fellow teacher walked into my room to say hi and to wish me a happy birthday. When my student's found out it was my birthday they were furiously angry. This stunned me. They felt betrayed that I had not informed them of my big day. No kidding aside, I don't think I have seen my students this upset. "How could you not tell us, Ms. Boivie?" "We would have done something for you." I tried to assure them that I was perfectly happy, but to no avail.

With less than 5 minutes left in the school day three of my students entered my room and presented me with a cake. It was a sweet gesture. I smiled and thanked them. However, they had ditched my class to go and buy the cake. (This was during my broadcast class when they are usually not in the room, so I wasn't aware that they had left campus) I then proceeded to give them a stern lecture about not ditching my class.

Here is my cake and their little tribute they wrote on my calendar.

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