Sunday, August 31, 2008

1st Week of School

Hurray, 1 week down - only 35 more to go. Just kidding - I am not counting. The only bummer about this week was my little fever that struck on Tuesday. By the end of the day I collapsed on the couch in my classroom. I laid there for 30 minutes before I peeled myself off and dragged my butt home. Later that evening I realized my fatigue was not school induced, but that I had a raging fever. Unfortunately, I was to start my institute class that evening, but I was too wiped out to go. Fortunately though, my fever broke about midnight and I was able to finish out the rest of the week. I don't know why the fever struck but I am doing much better now.

This year I am teaching the following courses:
  • AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination - a college prep class, 22 students)
  • AP World History (2 sections - 30 students per class)
  • Honors World History (1 section - 37 kids)
  • World History (2 sections - 50 kids per class)
For those that are counting that is 219 students. I can proudly say that by the 3rd day of school I knew all their names. However, by the 5th day the fever killed some brain cells and I can't quite remember all of them - but I am working on it.

So far my students look promising. My two average world history classes will be a challenge simply because of their size. It is difficult to control 15-year-olds but when you put 50 in a room together it gets tough. My classroom is a nice size, but not with 50 people in it. We are all a little crowded. Our state drastically cut our education budget and the enrollment is up by about 400 students at our school and we are down 12 teachers. I am optimistic that within the next few weeks they will try to level our classes to get the count to be around 35-36 in those classes.

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  1. I don't believe you're kidding. I think you're totally counting. As long as there is a student in the world that quotes Aristotle to you, life will remain bearable. Back to the angry pile of papers I still have to grade...