Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Again

Well after many, many trips this summer I am home for good. Over the next few days I will post each of the legs of my travels over the last six weeks but first some news. Today I went back to school to move my classroom and start unpacking and decorating (I don't officially report until the 20th and classes begin with students on the 25th). I had the help of two of my students and my home teachers. They were a huge help and got me off to a great start with finishing my classroom.

Now for some good news, I checked my school mailbox this morning and I got the results for my AP class....10 of my students passed the test. I had 26 students take the test and I had anticipated that I would have about 10% pass the test (around 3 students). I am thrilled with the results. The most experienced AP World History teachers have between a 50-60% pass rate depending on the year and the quality of the students. The exceptional ones might be able to boast a 65-70% pass rate. My 39% is excellent for a first year AP teacher and in my case I was only a second year teacher as well. I am very, very happy with these numbers.

Bravo to my students who studied and put in the time to be successful and I am so excited to start next year and see what I can do. I know I will be a more effective teacher and I hope to have even better results next year.

Here is a little more information:
The test is on a 5 point scale with 5 being the highest.
2 students received a 4
8 students received a 3
6 students received a 2
10 students received a 1

(I am actually happy I had more 1's than 2's because I told my students all year that a 2 was a lazy man's 3.)


  1. That is good news...I hope this year is even better. Rhianna was so excited to get back to school this morning. Thanks again for meeting us in California. We had a great time. Oh - and you missed Rhianna's tooth coming out by just an hour or so.

  2. Bravo to you! I'm so glad that we had a moment to chat this summer...even over the noise of a great rock bound. I hope your students in 2008-09 know how lucky they are to have you!