Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer Travels Part 3: Santa Rosa

My third trip took my father and I to Santa Rosa, California to visit with his family. We left at the crack of dawn (5:00 a.m.) on Tuesday, July 15th to catch the shuttle to the Salt Lake Airport. We had timed our arrival perfectly and we quickly managed airport security, arrived at the gate and had to only wait about 20 minutes before we boarded the flight. I planned this trip so that I could try and gather some Boivie family pictures and information. Two years ago I created a family history book for my mom's side and wanted to create a similar book of the Boivie's.

After collecting our rental car in Oakland we headed to Santa Rosa. My directions were good and we arrived at my grandparent's house in great time. That afternoon and evening we talked and Kay, my grandfather's wife drove us around Santa Rosa and her school. We oohed and ahhed over the spectacular houses around town.

Wednesday the 16th was a busy day as we prepared for the family barbecue. Kay's grandson James was in charge of the chicken which turned out spectacular. My dad and grandfather were responsible for moving all the yard furniture and setting things up. Kay and I enjoyed our trips to a variety of stores to purchase all the food. In addition to gathering family photos I also borred a video camera from school and I decided to interview all the family members present. It was great to see so many of my relatives. The following people attended:
  • Grandpa Carl & Kay
  • Paul Boivie, wife and daughter
  • Diane Christian & husband (dad's cousin)
  • David Boivie (dad's cousin)
  • Bernice Boivie (dad's aunt)
  • Bob & Diane Boivie (aunt & uncle)
  • Larry and Debs Boivie (aunt & uncle)
  • Kay's daughter Natalie and family
  • Kay's grandson James & his girlfriend

The conversations lasted until dark and it turned out to be a really relaxing and fantastic day. Thursday, July 17th my dad and I drove down to my aunt Sherri's house to see her. She had been unable to attend the barbecue and I didn't want to miss seeing her. We were fortunate to spend a few hours visiting with her.

The trip ended early Friday morning when we had to drive back to Oakland to catch our flight home. The trip was indeed a success and I was able to gather more information than I had expected. It will be a while before I finish the book, but now I feel I can get a good start on it.

Diane & Bob Boivie

Debs & Larry Boivie

Paul Boivie & Grandpa Carl

Enjoying the warm July afternoon.

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