Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Artist Within

For no apparent reason today after school I was in a foul mood. It was, in fact, a great day with my students, so I was surprised by the anger I could feel sitting right under the surface. I came home watched a little t.v. and tried to feel better. Still seething, I knew I had to do something else. As I was gazing around my apartment for something to distract me, my eyes settled on my craft table that resides in my dining room. On it is a picture I painted back in March. My friend Sarah encouraged me to take up painting and so my one lone picture was the only result of my new hobby. I have meant to get back to it and paint some additional pictures, however, it has never happened.

I decided that painting could get me over my funk and I whipped out the brushes and canvas. Initially, I was going to paint a new picture, ultimately I decided to paint over my original picture with something a little darker. Here is the first picture I have ever painted. It demonstrates my mood.

After completing picture number one, I felt compelled to finish picture number two. I don't have the skills for realistic art and I quite enjoy my foray into abstract art. The pictures are presently untitled and I am looking for inspiration for their names. Feel free to submit ideas.


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  2. It's me again. Have you looked at the Happiness Project lately? She wrote a novel in a month!!! Following an instruction manual about how to write a novel in a month!!! We need that instruction manual!