Thursday, December 11, 2008


For the last few days I have not felt well. Not too unusual given the time of year. This morning when I woke up I discovered that my voice had vanished. I have to say that it is extraordinarily difficult to teach by speaking only at whisper level. In fact, during my regular world history classes, I still had a lecture of sorts to deliver.

I will give credit to my students, who were fantastic all day. My two regular classes which have been a handful all year have settled down for me and today they were perfect angels. It was virtually silent all period in class with the students doing everything they could to help interpret for me.

Tuesday, I had a sub because I was giving a presentation for AVID schools in our district with my new position as an AVID Leadership Cadre member. Today, the office manager stopped me to inform me that my sub said that my classes were the best she had ever seen in high school. She loved my students, thought my room was cozy and lovely and she stated that she would love to come back and sub any time. I'm glad that my students are living up to my expectations in regards to their behavior, now if only that would stem to their grades and homework.

I am hopeful that my voice will return tomorrow. Forced silence only makes me appreciate the fact that I have a voice. I spent most of my day thinking about my little nephew Garrison, who was diagnosed with autism this past year, and is only now beginning to speak. I was frustrated by a few hours of being unable to communicate so it gave me a small glimpse into what he must have felt not being able to say anything.

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  1. hey Krista! I got your card yesterday...Thanks!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.