Saturday, December 27, 2008

White Christmas

This year I traveled to the snowy paradise of Rexburg, Idaho to spend Christmas with my parents and my brother Doug and his family. Like last year there was tons of snow and we had fun just spending most of our time indoors. One of the highlights of visiting my parents is the $3 movie theater. Matinee prices are only $2 and so I was able to see 5 movies during my stay; The City of Ember, Eagle Eye, High School Musical 3, The Duchess, and The Secret Life of Bees. I enjoyed all the movies and had I stayed longer, I would have seen even more.

Saturday, December 20th, everyone except my father (who was working at the temple) drove to Inkom, Idaho to have an early Christmas dinner with my aunt & uncle and with my cousin and her kids. The dinner was delicious and we had a great time chatting.

Christmas morning we awoke to yet another foot of snow and the dilmena of getting out of the driveway to drive to my brother's house to open gifts. After 35 minutes of shoveling to get out of the driveway we managed to make it to Sugar City and we enjoyed the morning opening gifts and chatting.

Doug & Marnie's Christmas Tree and all the gifts

Doug and Marnie's highlight was a very long phone call from my nephew Scott who is currently on his mission in North Carolina. I was able to spend a few minutes chatting with him and it was wonderful to hear his voice.

Here are pictures of Christmas morning at my brother's house...

The view from Doug's front door Christmas morning.

My mom got this tiny shirt from her sister-in-law...who knew it would fit!

My niece Taylor getting emotional over the framed drama picture of her high school's performance of Les Miserables. She played Fantine.

My dad got an awesome suede 49er's coat from Doug and Marnie.

Doug and Marnie looking at their gifts.

With a day of continued flurries we left in mid-afternoon to drive back home before it got dark. This time we got stuck getting back into the parking lot of my parent's town house and some neighbors came out to give us a push to get back to my parents garage. My mother who didn't want to drive asked me to take the wheel and steer the car back to their house, but she made the unwise decision to push the car from the driver side window. Of course as soon as the car started moving she went down, but she dropped and rolled like a commando, kicking her legs out of the way of the tires and just yelled "Keep going!" I worried I had killed her but like a good daughter I kept driving. Fortunately we got the car into the garage and my mom was fine, just a little wet.

Friday night I flew back to Las Vegas and I will attempt to get a mountain of work accomplished before school resumes on the 5th of January. My Christmas was wonderful and I hope yours was as well.

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