Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions for a New Year

After reading "The Happiness Project" blog I decided to change the way I look at my new year's resolutions. This year I am only setting resolutions that I will enjoy keeping. Here are my nine resolutions for 2009.
  1. Read more books. The stack of 20 books next to my bed will soon be a thing of the past.
  2. Go to the movies more frequently. I have a couple of movie going friends and so this should be fun.
  3. Paint. I would like to take a couple of classes this year to learn how to paint and complete some more pictures.
  4. Cook. Through taking the cooking classes at the Creative Cooking School, I have decided that I really enjoy cooking. This year I will start to cook all of those exciting recipes I keep saving.
  5. Comment on my friends and families' blogs. I always read them, but I never say anything. You now have my promise that I will start interacting with your postings.
  6. Smile. I sometimes catch myself with a scowl on my face, then I wonder how long it has been there. I need to smile more so that people will see that I am approachable and friendly.
  7. Sing. I have always loved singing, but I haven't seriously done it in years. Now is the time to pick up a mic and start reconnecting with my old love.
  8. Post 100 Blog entries. Since staring my blog, I have discovered that I enjoy writing down my thoughts, feelings and activities (regardless if anyone reads it). Now, I just need to do it more often.
  9. Pamper myself. I always put myself last and of course there is never any time left for me. My feet are ready for their first pedicure of the year. :-)
I challenge all who read my blog to create your own list of resolutions you will enjoy keeping.


  1. I love all of your resolutions!! They sound great! I hope you are doing well....I have you on my blog list now, so I will be stocking you on a regular basis:)

  2. Love all your resolutions...especially the Pampering one. Don't we ALL need to do that more!

    Thanks for the Christmas card!

  3. what a great way to go about setting your goals...i'm definitely going to do this too! :)

  4. Tell me more about your cooking class. So fun to discover your blog Krista. I really am going to come to Vegas to see you this year. Hugs! "A" (Amber)