Monday, January 12, 2009

Spice Thief and Other News

As I walked into my classroom last week, turning on all the lights and mentally preparing myself for another of school I discovered to my horror that one of my spices was missing. I am sure the question out of your mouth right now is "Why would you have spices at school in the first place?" To answer your question, when I was in Turkey (summer of 2007) we went to the famous Spice Bazaar in Istanbul and I bought a container that held a number of spices. In my World History classes we often talk about spice trading and economy and I thought it would be a useful visual. I lovingly have them displayed on my bookshelf and one of my precious students had the audacity to steal one. This is the third item I have had something stolen this year. First, it was an Eiffel Tower pushpin, Second, my ipod and Third, the spice. I am hoping there won't be a fourth item gone.

In far less trivial news, Saturday morning (January 10) I found out that my sweet, wonderful Grandpa Boivie died. A little over a year ago he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but he was informed that it was at a very aggressive stage and at his age they elected to just have it run its course. He turned 86 in June and I am so grateful that I decided to take the time and visit him this summer. When I saw him in July he looked every bit as healthy as I remember him, but he was starting to lose his short term memory. I will remember the times he would take me out on "dinner dates," and the unconditional love I always felt from him.

The service is on Wednesday and I will be flying up in the morning for the day and will be back late that night.

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  1. Awww sorry to hear of your Grandpa's passing. How blessed we are to know he is in a better place. My thoughts are with you at this hard time.