Thursday, April 23, 2009


In last months post I mentioned that I had applied at a couple of different schools, unfortunately I did not get either of them. However, on a whim just before I left for Japan earlier this month, I applied at a magnet school in the Northwest region. After returning from Japan, I hadn't heard from the school and I assumed that they had filled the position. Earlier this week they contacted me--I interviewed today. They told me how much they liked me, but they still had one more person to interview. On the drive home from the interview (about 15 minutes after I left) they called and officially offered me the job.

It is definitely a bitter sweet decision. I have loved working at Durango and I will definitely miss teaching my AP classes, but I couldn't turn down the opportunity to teach at this school. As a magnet school the students have to maintain a "C" average and as a result there is high parent involvement and student desire to succeed. Students that fail are sent back to their zoned schools. Here is a link to their website. When I visited the school today I was astonished at the beautiful campus. It looks more like a college than a high school. This summer I will more than likely move to be closer to the school.

I don't know exactly which classes I will be teaching, but I am excited for the new opportunity. Since I will still be teaching in the same district there is no change in my salary or any benefits. I was told in the interview though by the department chair that this is the most satisfying teaching position he has ever held. (He's been teaching for 20+ years). This is a great sign and just the change I had been looking for.


  1. Fantastic news! Congratulations!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You have worked hard and been rewarded! Finally you get to have students who are highly motivated and wanting to achieve! You will thrive! Again, CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it!