Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moving Tribute

For the last few weeks my AP World History students and I have been furiously studying in preparation for the AP test which will be held tomorrow. Today, after school, I threw a party to help the students relax before the big test. We ate pizza, drank soda and watched the old classic "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." The kids seemed to enjoy it and from the amount of pizza consumed I am sure they were well fed.

Prior to the festivities beginning, two of my students Nick and Nathan (guitar) performed a song they composed for me. Some of my students have been sad with the news that I will not be teaching at Durango next year. I was moved by the song and the other students thought it was hilarious. I typed the words below because Nick was a little quiet as he performed.

Oh Ms. Boivie please don’t tell me that your leavin’ me,

This years gone by too fast, just go home and unpack.

Before the start of this year, we all broke out in tears,

Because of the summer homework, we all thought Ms. Boivie was a jerk.

Now we see who she really is, Boivie is a super smart whiz.

Let’s take a look a what we’ve done, it looks like work, but it’s more like fun.

Extra-credit videos I should have went to more of those,

Note cards and podcasts that I did in my 1st period class,

Copying Billy, Nathan copying me, he says that I write too small

And get’s pissed at my capitals. You taught me not to wait till the last minute

And procrastinate, but I still stayed up till 3 for that shower curtain OMG.

Please stay for another year so you can torture all the freshman here,

Bring their life to an end. Say goodbye to their girlfriends.

Ms. Boivie I must agree for all the work that you put me through

And for that I’m going to pass that test—can’t do worse than a 4 percent.

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