Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 Down 1 to Go

First session of summer school is officially over today and I have to say that I really enjoyed the experience. My class was small (19 students) and I decided that I was going to teach it the same way I normally teach. Initially I had workbooks and thought I would just have them spend a good deal of time completing worksheets and reading out of their textbook.

During a typical 4 1/2 hour day we would read a story or article, lecture, group project, individual assignment and then some sort of game or group activity.

The students were really successful with my lowest grade being a C. Class average was 83% which is the highest average I have ever had for a regular world history class--usually they are around 62%.

I had four students that are new to the U.S. and they are still struggling with learning the language. I was really proud of how hard they work to understand the information. One of the girls wrote on her final exam essay that she thought this was the funnest class she has ever had.
A very nice compliment.

I look forward to second session to being just as great.

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