Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AP World History

Last year I was thrilled with the success of my AP students and this year I too had some great results that came in. Two of my students managed to receive a 5 on their AP exams which is the highest score that can be achieved. I was not surprised by their results. These two girls had worked their butts off all year and deserved the just rewards.

I was however overall disappointed by the performance of my students. Out of the 47 students that took the exam I only ended up with 13 students passing. Last year I had 26 take it and 10 pass. The majority of my students that took the exam ended up with a 2 which demonstrates to me that they simple didn't put in enough time to get that passing 3.

My new group of AP students seems to be working hard and I am hoping that I can encourage them to be more successful.

I absolutely adore my AP students from last year, but I desired their success than they did. I good lesson to learn...I can't do the work for them.

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