Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer School

This was my first summer teaching summer school and I have to tell you that I LOVED it. I enjoyed the fast paced schedule and seeing the kids everyday. The students seemed to get the information easier and could recall it better. My first session of summer school the kids and I had a blast together. When the semester changed an interesting thing happened and the dynamics of the class radically shifted. I kept approximately half of my students from the first session, but the new group of students never really got into the class like my first bunch. We still had a good time and the kids demonstrated that they were learning which is always a plus.

I was informed prior to starting summer school that I would hate it and never want to do it again. I believe the reason why I enjoyed it so much was because I taught it like I teach during the regular year--lots of group activities and student centered learning.

I won't be teaching summer school next summer because of a planned trip to Egypt, but I definitely wouldn't mind doing it again.

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