Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Virginia and Washington D.C.

Now for the news of my summer travel.

My second destination this summer was to Lynchburg, Virginia to visit my friend Sarah and her husband. Sarah and I became friends teaching at Durango during the 07-08 school year and when she moved east I promised I would come and visit.

Virginia is utterly beautiful and I felt like I had walked back in time as we walked through Appomattax, Monticello and Mount Vernon.

Washington D.C. was a must since I was going to be teaching Government this fall. I was astonished by the bustle and wealth of the city. Although it was hot and humid we managed to drag our poor, sweating bodies to visit the National Mall, Washington and Lincoln Memorials as well as all the War Memorials. We toured the Holocaust Museum, American History Museum, Natural History Museum and the Gallery of Art. Time ran out before we managed to visit the National Archives - so I will have to save that for another trip.

Mt. Vernon - The backyard is incredible. I can see why George Washington loved this home.

Appomattax Courthouse where they Civil War came to an end.

Monticello - home of President Thomas Jefferson

Old mill not too far from Sarah's house.

Sarah was very patient trying to get a half decent photo of me. This was one of my favorites.

Sarah and I at the WWII memorial. Looks like the George Washington Monument is growing out of my head.

Hands down my favorite picture. Sarah borrowed my camera and was willing to sacrifice her body to capture this shot. Beautiful!

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