Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rest of November

November sped by faster than I imagined it would. My book project got stuck behind all the other activities, meetings, trips and grading that took place this month. I must sadly report that I did not finish it. This means that I must set new goals as I continue to work on it.

The process of writing this blog has revealed to me that I am far more comfortable writing about myself than I am making up a story. The book that I started is a fictitious account of my journey with cancer and the subsequent recovery. My main character is similar to myself, but she is far more emotional and dramatic than I am. The details and facts about my sickness however are 99% accurate. It has been cathartic writing about the experience.

Highlights for the duration of November include:
  • Midnight showing of Twilight on opening day (November 19/20). I went with my good friend Julie and it was fun to be around all the hype. Even though I am not a big fan I did find the movie entertaining. The biggest surprise was how well I functioned on only two hours of sleep that day at school.
  • I finally managed to celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time in three years. The last two years I was working on school projects. This year I drove down to Tucson to visit my brother Steven and his family. The food was delicious and I had a fantastic time hanging out with them. I must say that my niece and nephews are adorable. I couldn't believe how excited they got over helping me grade homework. The only bad part to the weekend was the drive home. One mile from Hoover Dam the traffic backed up and it took me nearly two hours to drive two miles. Holiday traffic!
I am looking forward to only two more weeks of school until the holiday break. This year I will be heading to Dallas to visit my brother Garret and his family for the holidays. Can't wait for that trip. Now, I just need to finish getting the last couple of gifts and decorating the apartment and I will be ready for Christmas.

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  1. decorating schmecorating! What we have is classy and will suffice. That's my humble opinion.