Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year New Directions

Like most people New Year's offers the opportunity to improve myself, set new goals, make new resolutions. I am the queen of setting goals and making plans. Last year I decided to make my resolutions about creating more happiness in my life and for the most part it was successful. I could have done more and worked a little less, but ultimately 2009 was a good year for me.

2009 also was the last year of a decade and I realize in retrospect that I should have been better at keeping a journal because I am dying to know what I was thinking and feeling when the 90's left and the dreams I had for the 00's.

So I have two resolutions for 2010. The first is to do a better job at recording my thoughts and feelings--online and privately. The second is a little more complicated.

I have desired for a long time to do more with my life. Recently I have been reading a blog entitled the Art of Nonconformity (check it out...interesting stuff) by Chris Guillebeau. He made two statements that really made me stop and think.
  1. You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.
  2. The world is waiting for you to figure out what only you can contribute.
These two thoughts are my second resolution. I don't know what it will mean exactly or what direction my life will take but I am committed to figuring it out. If any of my dear friends and family that read this blog can give me any suggestions for the second statement let me know. I have been racking my brain and I am coming up empty.

I fully recognize that life is a journey and I am trying to enjoy the process, but 2010 is a year where I plan on answering some of my many questions.

One last thought before I sign off today. Chris also made the following point about how common mediocrity is in our society "If there is any good news to the normalization of mediocrity, it’s that when you do something excellent, it will be so uncommon that you will instantly stand out. People will be amazed, because they’re so used to the good enough that the excellent is truly rare. This can work to your advantage when you decide to take things up a level and exceed the low expectations around you."

I feel that this sums up my teaching. I aim to be a great teacher and I seem to stand out. Although what my definition of excellence is--is not what everyone else deems to be excellent. I seem to hold myself to a higher level. I want feedback and criticism and it is hard to find because people are amazed by what I do as a result of the extraordinary level of mediocrity in my profession.

I know with certainty that I want to find and become excellent someplace else. Now it is about finding that new place.

2010 I am ready for the challenge!

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  1. Krista!
    I know it is difficult to tell, but I am giving you and your post a standing ovation right now. :)
    Thank you for the Christmas card. I always claim I am going to send cards, but I think I am the only one still falling for that line at this point.
    I'll have to email you. Until then, keep it up! I was surprised to see you left Durango. What school are you at now?
    With Love from Ohio, Dan