Thursday, February 25, 2010

On my way...

After spending more hours than I would like to admit, I finally made some decisions about my photography business. I was hesitant to make any wrong failed business under my belt and all.

My website is up and running. It isn't 100% finished, but I like where it is going. I would love to hear what you think--and criticism is a good thing.

Here is the link: Revel Images (

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Look Back at Christmas

Due to the long weekend (thank you President's Day), I finally had some time to put the finishing touches on the pictures I took at Christmas when I was in Dallas with my brother Garret and his family. These are just some of my favorite shots. (I managed to take 400 pictures during my week stay).

The boys were so adorable, I didn't want to leave. Enjoy the pictures. I would love to hear which one is your favorite.

One of the three pictures Heidi took of me with the boys. Who doesn't love dinosaurs?

Garrison was looking at the aquarium above his head. Perfect expression.

Andrew loving the fish.

The fish loving Andrew.

Nothing better than making cookies.

Wonder Mom and her cute kids!

David is the perfect model. I could take pictures of him all day long.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Taylor's Graduation

Last weekend, I was able to attend my niece's graduation from Boot Camp at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. Even with all the travel hassles I had a great time with my brother and his family.

Due to a late flight, I missed my connecting flight in Atlanta. After literally running from the B Terminal to the D Terminal I arrived at the gate just after they had shut the door. They would not open them even though the plane hadn't backed out from the gate. I don't remember ever being more annoyed than I was that evening. Delta put me up in a hotel in Atlanta and I caught the first flight out the next morning.

Thursday, February 4th we were able to spend the day hanging out with Taylor on base. I have never been on a military base before and was amazed with the size and all the different things you can do. It was like a small town. All the cute military guys didn't hurt either.

Friday was the graduation and due to the rain they held it in doors. It was really moving and I felt very patriotic. I can't imagine surviving Basic Training and I was so proud of Taylor. I know Doug wouldn't admit it, but we were all a little teary by the end of the ceremony.

As I was getting ready for my return flight home, I was shocked to discover that I had booked the return flight for March 6th not February 6th. I have taken countless flights, I have never made that mistake. It was nice costly error. The only upside was I got to spend Saturday with Doug, Marnie and Scott.

As usual the best time of the weekend was just hanging out, telling stories and laughing. I can always count on my family for hearty laughter.

Here are some of my favorite photographs of the weekend.