Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Life has been busy but very good recently. I just returned from a super fast trip to Seattle for my best-friend's husband's birthday. It was a blast and I will be posting a link to the pictures from the trip on my photography blog in the next few days. It was an 80's inspired party and I threw myself into the event and managed to find the most heinous outfit. When Chandra saw the final look she could hardly stop herself from crying in laughter.

After the quick trip I returned to Vegas and took Monday (the 8th) off school to attend WPPI. WPPI is the professional wedding and portrait photographer's annual convention. I only attended the trade show part to get inspired and help me narrow down my pricing scheme with my new business. I am now ready to officially begin my photography business. The website is up and running, the blog had a few posts and I have my business cards. Now I need to start trying to find clients.

WPPI was very daunting, but one of my dear friends from college was in town and it was a blast hanging out with her. Within three days I managed to spend time with three of my oldest and best friends. It was wonderful. I wish it would happen more often.

School is plugging along and I am trying to help the students settle down for the last quarter of the year. My seniors are stir crazy and ready to graduate so I decided to have them teach the class for the next six weeks. They actually were excited for the challenge and I am anxious to see how they pull it off.

I am looking forward to Spring Break at the end of the month and a trip to visit my parents in Idaho. I didn't visit at Christmas and I have been missing my mom & dad. My niece will also be home from South Carolina and it will be great to visit with her as well.

Here is looking towards St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying learning more about photography. I like the blog part of your site. Good luck!