Friday, July 16, 2010

Germany Day 1

I know giving a full day by day detail of my trips this summer will become a little tiresome, but I will be posting my best images and a little detail about where I traveled.

My trip was sponsored by the Goethe-Institut and was intended to increase awareness and understanding of modern Germany and education.

On day 1 we flew from Washington D.C. to Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the banking capital of Germany, we only stopped in the train station before we were off to Eastern Germany and the lovely city of Erfurt.

I am not able to sleep on planes and so the first day traveling is always the hardest for me. After a brief 1/2 hour nap we took to the streets to get familiar with the town.

My first picture is of the Frankfurt train station, but all the rest of the images are of Erfurt.

I will be posting more pictures of the lovely town tomorrow.


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