Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ireland - Day 1

After my exhilarating two-weeks in Germany I decided to venture off and visit Ireland. I had originally planned on going to Prague, but in the end I felt like I needed to spend some time in nature and away from big crowds.

I flew into Dublin early on Saturday morning the 26th of June and by the time I got to my hotel and settled in I was exhausted. It didn't help that I had to wake at 4:00 in the morning to catch the shuttle to the airport outside of Frankfurt.

I took a brief walking tour of Trinity college and around the center of Dublin. I had intended on seeing more of the city but I was exhausted and there were so many people in town that I decided to retire early and just watch a little football. Plus, I was leaving the city early the next day for my big adventure tour.

Entrance to Trinity College.

Main courtyard at Trinity College.

One of the many, many pubs in Dublin.

The big event while I was there was the extensive Gay Pride Parade. In fact, the weekend before I saw the Gay Pride Parade in Berlin.

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