Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ireland - Day 4

Day 4 of my Ireland adventure began with what was described as "a brief walk." I assumed I would have a casual stroll through a park. What ended up happening was a 3 hour hike. I was not prepared for a hike and was a little put off because I didn't have my sunblock, water, hiking shoes, etc.

The hike was through the Kilarney National Park and although I was a little miffed, I still enjoyed the hike.

The mascot of the day was sheep. As we hiked, there were a variety of sheep wandering through the rolling hills and we even saw a demonstration of a shepherd as he tried to round up his sheet. I was amazed at his ability to command his sheep dog from a considerable distance away.

At the beginning of the hike I came across this interesting spider web with dew still trapped in it. I have never seen such a sight before. Pretty incredible stuff.

After the hike our tour guide had arranged an official sheep herding visit. The wife of the rancher explained that the price of wool was practically worthless and so to make ends meet the family decided to allow tourists to visit and see demonstrations of sheep herding.

This sheep dog was incredible and we were all really impressed with her skills.

As the day progressed and we contiuned our journey around the Dingle Peninsula we saw even more sheep.

That night we stayed in Portmagee a town so small that they don't have an ATM.

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