Sunday, October 10, 2010

Challenge - Update

So this past week I have been trying to simplify my life, well it wasn't an easy task and I didn't get as far as I would have liked. One big problem of starting the challenge was that I failed to even look at what I had scheduled this past week and ultimately I was not successful. Here is a breakdown of what happened.
  • Daily meditation - This one was easy, with no radio in my daily commutes, I listened to my scriptures on c.d. and just quietly mediated the rest of the time.
  • Exercise five days - did not happen
  • Pack 20 boxes - 14 boxes packed!
  • Finish some lingering filing/file organization - did go through my files, however I haven't completed the document scanning and organization as planned. I did get my school file organization tackled.
  • Deep apartment cleaning - was able to get half of the apartment cleaned out and boxed.
  • Lesson planning for three weeks - completed organizing a major project for my students which will take 2 weeks; however I haven't gotten my stuff for AP World finished.
  • Finish photos books for past trips to Turkey, Paris, New York, Japan - did not get anything accomplished, I did start working on a photo book for a friend and with my slow computer I haven't gotten very far in that project.
Although I wasn't able to meet all of my goals I made for last week, I did accomplish the following items (not on the list).

  • Open house at school (my least favorite night of the school year)
  • 3-hour National Board meeting and outlining of my projects for the next couple of months
  • Professional development training meeting for a presentation I will be giving next Saturday.
  • Logo development for a client
  • Development of a business idea with a friend
  • Price comparison shopping for new flooring/painting on my new house
  • 3-hour meeting with my banker for the initial home purchase documents
  • 2 - 3 hour after school sessions with my students to work on a college banner project
This new week coming is substantially less busy than last and I am looking forward to continue to work on the goals I didn't complete. Little by little everything will get done. I have to be out of my apartment at the end of the month and some of my smaller projects I would love to get finished before then, so I don't have to pack all the junk for another move.

Going through my files this week I came across a document that listed all of my life goals as they were written in 1998. It was amusing to see what I had accomplished, what I no longer desired to do or own, and what I still had on my life goals chart. I was glad to see how I had grown since then and also how similar I was to the girl who originally wrote them. I like keeping this blog for the same reason to go back and see what I was thinking and feeling years later as I am a terrible journal writer.

Here is to looking forward to another productive week!

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