Monday, October 4, 2010


Inspired by General Conference this weekend, I decided to put myself to a little challenge.

Starting today, I will not watch any television, see any movies, listen to any music, and only have work related access to the internet.

I want to simplify my life and cut out some of the extraneous time wasting. With all the extra time I plan on accomplishing the following things this week:
  • Daily meditation
  • Exercise five days
  • Pack 20 boxes
  • Finish some lingering filing/file organization
  • Deep apartment cleaning
  • Lesson planning for three weeks
  • Finish photos books for past trips to Turkey, Paris, New York, Japan

When I am traveling I have no problem not watching tv, listening to music or sufing the web; however at home I love doing those things and spend an obscene amount of time engaged in the activities. I will continue to blog this week about how I am feeling, if I am using my time wisely and how much I am able to accomplish.

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