Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes

The last two months have been a whirl-wind of activity in my life. Here is the the quick facts:

  • Traveled to Idaho for a much needed visit with my parents and brother's family.
  • Huge photo session on Thanksgiving Day (15 families photographed)
  • Entered the world of Black Friday Shopping (and vowed I'd never do it again) got some great deals for my new house, but only one Christmas present.
  • Completed the purchase of my first new home
  • Spent countless hours painting the house
  • One of my world history students was killed in a home invasion which ushered in the saddest two weeks of my teaching career
  • Spent an undocumented amount of time on my National Board certification
  • Traveled to Seattle to spend my Christmas vacation.
For most of December all I wanted to do was sit quietly in a dark room and cry from a combination of stress and exhaustion due to the house and then to the death of my student. I was very happy to leave Las Vegas. Today is in fact the first day I have spent online since I left on Monday. As Christmas quietly approaches tomorrow I have much for which I am grateful. I will be posting a year in review outline later next week as I finalize my goals for 2011.

May this Christmas be filled with love and peace!

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