Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Break

Christmas break is one of my favorite breaks from school. It doesn't hurt that two fabulous holidays are wrapped in the middle of it. This year I decided to head to the Pacific Northwest to visit my brother and his family as well as some of my oldest friends.

The first week (December 20-26) was spent at my brother Greg's house with his family. I loved getting to know little Ellie and playing with their other kids. I can't believe how old they are getting.

Most of the week was spent watching movies (Despicable Me), playing games (Yahtzee, Sequence, Harry Potter Uno), having parties (Christmas Adam - all appetizers, Christmas Eve - "Dinner like the time of Jesus") and of course the big event was Christmas Day.

Santa had a busy night at their house and Christmas morning was filled with all sorts of fabulous new toys and gifts. Robin's brother and his family also joined us so there was definitely a house full of people. I was really happy to have been able to spend so much time with them.

On Sunday the 26th I headed over to my best friend Chandra's house. The week of the 26th through the 1st were spent with her. I did manage to break away on the 27th to hang out with my friend Robert and his two kids. He lives right near downtown and so we headed into the heart of the city for a yummy lunch near Pike's Place and a visit to SAM (Seattle Art Museum) especially to see the Picasso exhibit.

Tuesday the 28th, Chandra and her friend Sara and the girls all went to see the new Disney movie Tangled and then had an enjoyable lunch and visit to the mall.

Wednesday the 29th, Chandra and I headed to the gym for a much needed post-Christmas workout and more shopping in the afternoon.

Thursday we hung around the house and just relaxed. In the evening, Chandra and Julie (another best friend) and I went out for a girl's night. We headed into Bellevue for dinner at Boom Noodles (absolutely delicious!) and then on to see the Tourist. After the movie, we weren't quite done with chatting and so headed to the Cheesecake Cafe for some late night cheesecake.

Tonight, Chandra and her family are hosting a small New Year's Eve party were we plan to shake our booty's to Just Dance and the DDR. I am looking forward to the party.

The time away from my stress and Las Vegas has been just the rejuvination I needed. I was about ready to have a nervous breakdown prior to the break. I also can't tell my friends how much I have enjoyed seeing them again. There is nothing better that a great conversation with a dear friend. I only wish we could see each other more often. I fly home tomorrow and leaving will be bitter sweet.

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