Monday, April 18, 2011

New York the Arrival

My student's and I arrived safely to Newark for our NYC holiday. Traveling brings its own annoyances and after waiting over an hour in the airport for our reserved shuttle, we were picked up.

The 40 minute transfer to our hotel was our own driving adventure. Our driver honked, swerved, ran over dividers and cut off other vehicles to drop us off. I could have handled an extra 10 minute drive, for safety, but it was amusing. This driver took us through Harlem and it was interesting to see beautiful, well maintained streets so close to run-down and depressed areas. Detours like this reveal the oddities in city planning and organization.

Tonight we have dinner and a visit to the Empire State Building. I will try to post as the holiday continues. I hope you Easter is shaping up as well as mine!
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