Saturday, April 30, 2011

NYC Doug's Perspective

My brother Doug was definitely not prepared for the torture I had planned for the NYC trip. On average we walked close to 10 miles a day and spent a considerable amount of time standing.

As Doug said "I didn't know I was coming on vacation to kick my own butt."

He described our typical day in the city as follows: "We would leave the hotel and walk the one block to the subway where we would stand and wait. Once the train arrived we would stand and sway the thirty minutes into the city. Once we arrived at our destination we would walk the 3-6 blocks to the 'must see' tourist site where we would stand in line to get our tickets. Once inside we would walk around and then take the 3-6 block walk to the subway to then get to our next destination. More standing and swaying, more walking and looking, until the end of the day when you return to the hotel ready to cut off your own feet."

His favorite activities included the Martha Stewart show, Opera, Broadway and the Pizza tour simply because they involved the most sitting.

I also didn't warn him about the "nuts to butts" train rides and museum lines.

Needless to say I know he was thrilled to get back home to his quiet town, I certainly was.

This past week the students who were on the trip, kept calling Doug's name anytime they saw each other. It is sweet how much they liked him. I promised him that if I ever invited him on vacation with me again that I would plan more relaxation.

Thanks Doug for being such a good sport!

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