Sunday, April 24, 2011

NYC Final Days...

Saturday seemed to be an exercise in futility. Once again the students were all late in the morning which meant we would miss the first boat out to Staten/Ellis Island. I decided that we still had enough time to make the second boat. With our umbrella's up we took off.

Once we entered the subways the hell began. Lines were not inservice due to repair, kids were always walking too slow for the group and we routinely missed trains. After an hour and a half we reached the exit point only to discover the rain had picked up. We decided that it would be miserable to go out to the islands.

On our original itinerary I had planned to visit Hoboken, New Jersey for pastries at Carlo's Bakery (made famous from the tv show Cake Boss) and then to Central Park. I decided that we could still go to New Jersey. With $30 in subway fare we headed to the tunnels again. The trip to Hoboken was pleasant, because we were able to get a seat on the train. Even though it was still raining the walk to the bakery was short. I really liked the look and feel of Hoboken and would have loved to have visited on a day that wasn't so unpleasant.  Once we found the bakery we snapped a few pictures and went to go inside only to discover the massive line across the street. I was in agreement with Doug that I was not about to spend 3 hours in line for a canoli.

Another wasted trip for the morning, we returned to the tunnels and spent our remaining time getting lunch and shopping in Grand Central Station.

Our shutte service was waiting to take us to the airport when we returned to the hotel. The kids and I said our goodbyes to Doug and we parted. While driving to the airport I got a text from Southwest informing me that all our flights were cancelled. Our flight had us making a connection in St. Louis and then catching another flight to Vegas. Friday night a tornado hit the airport and it had to close due to the damage.

Thinking quickly I called my sister-in-law Steph (thanks for the help) and she was able to rebook our flights for Sunday morning and find us a nearby hotel. Our shuttle driver still dropped us off at the airport and we picked up some food and went to our hotel. I was so exhausted that I was asleep by 7 pm.

As I am writing, it is a beautiful Easter morning and we are safely at the airport awaiting our departure. If all goes well and our flight leaves on time we should be home by 5 pm. I feel rested and refreshed. Although I am going to have to do more fundraising when I return home to pay for the additional night in the hotel, this little delay hasn't been terrible.

In all honesty, I don't think I will ever lead a trip like this again. We had a great time, but the stress, work, time, and money aren't worth it. I am still attempting a trip with students over seas for the summer of 2012, but with that trip a company does all the work.

I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Easter!

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  1. I am glad the hotel worked out. And I hope all the weather across the country is great and today goes smoothly!