Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NYC Update #2

Yesterday was an exhausting blast. During the NBC studio tour we saw the sets for the Nightly News, the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and Saturday Night Live. It was interesting to see how small everything is and the tricks the studio uses to make everything look larger.

We then ate lunch at the Shake Shack. They had the yummiest fries and burgers. They were so juicy that I didn't notice they didn't put any ketchup, mustard or mayo on the burger until I was almost finished eating it. The only down side to lunch was the cramped quarters. We wolfed down our food very quickly. This was mostly done because of the huge que waiting to sit. It is hard to savor your meal when you are getting the evil eye from other hungary patrons.

After lunch we spent three hours at the Natural History Museum. I was stunned by the enormous crowds. It was hard to move through the exhibits due to the number of people. Doug (my brother and the other chaperone) decided to scan for an open bench to rest our weary legs and feet. After our butts got too tired we would move to another corner.

Dinner was at John's Pizzeria in the Broadway district. Once again the meal was quickly inhaled before our Broadway show 'Rock of Ages'. A basic boy-meets-girl premise set to music from the hair-bands of the eighties. All the boys were jamming, singing, and rockin out. All of us agreed that it was hilarious show and a ton of fun.

Star sightings for the day; John Lithgow (on the subway) and Billy Joe Armstrong (lead singer/guitarist for Green Day, he was leaving the Broadway show 'American Idiot' which is about his band.
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  1. Wow! It sounds like you are enjoying a phenomenal trip, and one improved upon from the first excursion to NYC with students, oh so long ago. :)Onward and upward!