Thursday, April 21, 2011

NYC update #3

Wednesday we had great weather. We headed to the MoMA for a quick one-hour tour. Much to my dismay, this theater was PACKED. So badly that when you rode to the top of the escalators there was no room to get off and we were crushed from in front and behind. The students all agreed that one hour was not enough time to appreciate this museum.

Unfortunately, we had to get to our taping of the Martha Stewart show or we would have lingered. The Martha Stewart show was an interesting experience. We arrived to the studio at 12:30. While waiting we once again hurriedly ate.

The show was scheduled to tape at 2:00, but didn't begin until around 2:40. Seeing the small army of people it takes to pull the show off was fascinating. I will confess that the experience was exactly like I had imagined it. We were told how to act, when to cheer, and when to make 'yum' sounds.

The show they taped will be airing on Friday, the 22nd of April in honor of Earth Day. We are sitting in the 3rd row on the right side. The girl with the red flower in her hair is the first of my students. Make sure to watch!

I was a little surprised by Martha, when she entered the studio to begin taping she didn't acknowledge the loud applause or even look at the audience. It wasn't until the taping was finished that she talked to us.

We did score some sweet giveaways - a great cookbook on cakes, a huge box of jelly bellies and a set of beautiful measuring cups.

Due to all of our arms full of bags and candy, we decided to return to the hotel and drop our stuff off. We had a slight subway mishap that threw us off our time table. By the time we made it back to the city we only had 30 minutes to eat before going to the Opera.  The only way we were able to arrive to the show on time was to splurge on taxis. The theater where the MET performs is lovely and it has the most exquisite chandelier. The Opera we saw was Il Travorte. A classic tale of revenge, mistaken identities and love. The visit to the Opera was for me and even though Doug and the students weren't excited by it, I was glad they were willing to indulge me.

We had the cheapest seats in the theater (last row at the top), but the acoustics are so phenomenal that I didn't mind. I thought the whole evening was spectacular. During the 3rd Act, the lead soprano sang the most breathtaking aria. The best quote I heard from the students about it came from Garrett who said "man, that woman just blew my mind."

Funniest moments today both happened on the subway. First, on the ride back to the hotel after the Martha show we managed to score seats next to each other. Garrett decided to open his jelly bellies only to discover all of the flavors had mixed themselves up - this led to quite a bit of ribbing. After much begging he decided to share a taste of a 'cile mango' jelly bean with David who then declared that he had "just tasted death." I'm sure all the other passengers on the train thought we were crazy, but all of us we roaring with laughter.

The second funniest moment came on the ride back to the hotel after the Opera. Felipe undid his tie and decided to see if he could remember how to tie it. (Doug had shown him earlier in the day) This demonstration took nearly twenty minutes as we gave directions which we largely ignored. We were all laughing, as well as the crowd of subway riders. Even the girls attempted it. Needless to say Felipe still has a lot of practicing left.
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