Friday, April 22, 2011

NYC Update #4

Today should be called 'Mishaps and Missteps.

I had planned the following activities today: Visit to Staten Island and Ellis Island, view 9/11 site, visit the MET and some shopping in Times Square.

I had a bad feeling about Thursday when the girls didn't arrive in the lobby on time. The students had been great about being prompt. When I ran up to their room I discovered they were all still in bed. Our departure for our morning activities were thrown off by more than an hour and we had to readjust our schedule.

Instead of heading to our tours of Staten and Ellis Island, we went to the MET. We all agreed that this was a great museum to visit. Doug especially loved the architecture. From there we headed down to the financial district for lunch at a huge McDonalds. It was so crowded and busy. The only thing I enjoyed was the piano music that was played while we ate lunch.

After spending a few moments at Ground Zero we headed to Battery Park to take our Island tour. Unfortunately they had sold out all the tickets for the day. The students voted that we should return to the Empire State Building. While riding the subway it got so packed that when we arrived at our stop Doug was not able to disembark. The students were upset and started to panic. Doug had decided not to carry his cell phone with him and that freaked the students even more. They wanted to jump on the next train to find him. I knew Doug and I were on the same wave length and I just proceeded to our destination. I was positive he would figure it out and meet us there.

While the students went to line up at the Empire State Building, I waited outside for Doug. Doug had the foresight to write my cell number down on the first day and so he was able to call me when he found a pay phone. He eventually met me outside. The students decided that now that we were reunited they didn't want to wait in the three hour line to get to the top.

With yet another change in plans we went to Times Square. Earlier in the week the weather had been so pleasant that both Doug and I decided not to bring a jacket. A poor decision with the 30-40 mph winds. We were really cold all night. Times Square was packed and while the kids explored Toy'R'Us, Doug and I huddled with the mass of humanity outside.

Dinner was at a nice Thai Restaurant near Times Square. After dinner we planned to go to Serendipity 3 for dessert. Once again we arrived to discover a 2 hour wait. Ultimately, we just returned to the hotel with a quick detour for candy at a nearby Walgreens for dessert.

Doug has come to the conclusion that he has never walked so much on a 'vacation' in his life. We both have struggled with sore legs and feet. Conclusion, next major vacation needs more R & R.

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