Saturday, April 23, 2011

NYC Update #5

Friday we attempted to get to the sites missed on earlier days.

The day started with a chilly trip to the Empire State Building. The line was HUGE, but we attempted it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that it only took an hour to get to the top.

We then traveled across town for 'A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour.' This 4 hour tour took us on a drive through all the major neighborhoods of Brooklyn-including a cold walk along the Boardwalk as we visited Coney Island. As part of the tour we stopped twice for pizza. The first was at Grimaldi's which is famous for their great location (under the Brooklyn Bridge) and the use of coal to fuel their pizza ovens. I love Grimaldi's and they did not disappoint. All of us gobbled up the pizza in 10 minutes. The second stop was at L & B Spumoni Gardens for authentic Sicilian pizza. This style is made with a thick crust, then fresh mozzarella and the sauce on top. I was surprised with how much I liked it. They are also famous for their spumoni (a version of ice cream that whipped cream is incorporated into it). Even though we were all stuffed from our pizza, we enjoyed some spumoni.

Most of the students preferred L&B's pizza of the two. Doug rated Grimaldi's a 10 and L&B a 9.6.
The tour guide was funny and engaging through the entire tour. I was just thrilled for the opportunity to enjoy a restful (ie: little walking) afternoon.

After the tour we went to the Guggenheim for an hour. We all agreed that the best part of this museum was the building itself.  The exhibit was a tad boring and the students were glad when we left.

Friday was the coldest day all week and I was stunned that I had students in shorts and no jackets all day. At breakfast I warned them about the weather but they didn't heed my suggestions. With the temperature continuing to drop I made the executive decision to return to the hotel for the kids to put on more clothes before heading to the baseball game. This was a wise decision. I was frozen during the game. We saw the Mets vs the Diamondbacks. In the bottom of the eighth the Mets managed to get the score a few extra runs and we left at the top of the ninth inning. The Mets won 4-1.

It was unanimous that everyone appreciated the relaxed pace of today.

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